Genetics and Lifestyle Hold the Key to Straight Teeth

Teeth AlignmentImagine a world where everyone has naturally straight teeth and people need not spend for dental treatments. Such a world does not exist, and achieving an ideal smile takes a great amount of effort, time and money.

By ideal smile, we mean by Hollywood standards, involving the size, alignment, and colour. Good alignment especially contributes to a beautiful smile, says Smileworks. Today, dental braces remain one of the most popular treatments. Let’s just say Cheryl Cole and her perfect smile got plenty of help from her cosmetic dentist.

Come to think of it, are there really people fortunate enough to be born with perfectly aligned teeth, and not a single crooked tooth in place? Do your genes predetermine your dental fate? To some extent, they do, but as in everything else in life, your lifestyle also comes into play.

Alignment: a collaboration of genetics and lifestyle

Genetics plays a great role in your teeth’s alignment, but does not strictly decide its fate. Various environmental factors and lifestyle practises affect how your teeth eventually settle into position. Suffice it to say that many things are involved so your teeth grow, look, and function well.

Genetically speaking, people with straight teeth have adequate jaw growth to fully support the tooth mass. The teeth come in the correct positions in the correct order, and the growth of jaws is in harmony, meaning one jaw has not grown too little or too much.

Good genetics can only go so far. Early habits like thumb-sucking and tongue thrusting greatly influence the growth of your teeth and cause them to shift and crowd. Also, decay in baby teeth resulting in loss of space in the dental arch greatly affects how the permanent tooth comes in. Many crooked permanent teeth probably blame their owners for not taking good care of their baby teeth.

Prevent them or treat them

If it is still not too late, you may prevent tooth crowding or shifting by avoiding the habits mentioned previously. If your misaligned teeth are a product of bad genes or two decades of neglect, fear not: it is never too late to seek braces or retainers. In this age, almost everything is possible.