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Dentist discussing to a patientRefurbishing a room from top to bottom takes some thought. Wood floors or carpet? An accent wall or not? Not to mention fittings and furnishings. That’s why people get in the professionals, hiring interior designers. When it comes to refurbishing the teeth, there is just as much to consider. Go whiter, longer, or both? Straighten out those front teeth or go whole hog and straighten them all? There is also an even greater need to get in the professionals when it comes to freshening up the aesthetics of the teeth.

This is because cosmetic changes not only need to look great but they must also ensure the health of the teeth and gums. That’s where cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh from experienced cosmetic dentists such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists makes all the difference.

Holistic Treatment

A dentist trained in cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh will look out for the health of a patient’s teeth first and foremost. After ensuring their oral health is fit for purpose, they can then suggest treatments that are effective, appropriate and safe to improve the look of their teeth. In some cases cosmetic dental treatment has both aesthetic and dental health benefits. Even in cases where the benefits are purely visual, the impact on a patient’s self-esteem can be considerable as they are able to smile more confidently.

What’s on Offer?

Cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh offers up a range of treatments. Here are just a few:

  • Teeth whitening restores a natural gleam to patient’s teeth by removing surface stains accumulated after years of drinking coffee and wine and eating highly pigmented foods.
  • Veneers offer an effective solution for a range of dental imperfections by covering the teeth with custom-made porcelain sheaths, which can be designed to make the teeth appear whiter, longer or smoother.
  • Inlays and onlays can restore both the appearance and function of decayed or otherwise damaged teeth using a white composite material for a natural and seamless finish.
  • Invisible braces allow adults with wonky teeth to get them straightened out without enduring the train track look.
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Patients seeking cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh can find out more about which treatments will work best for them by booking an initial consultation with a cosmetic dentist.