Getting a Condo? The Awesome Benefits of Living in Cebu

Condo Living in CebuMany Americans dream of living somewhere warm and relaxed. Most wait until their retirement when they can enjoy the fruits of their many years of hard work, while some do not wait that long. In either case, there is a good chance for Cebu to be their destination. Good thing, looking for a nice Cebu condo for sale in a good neighborhood will not be a problem.

Here are other awesome benefits of living in Cebu:

Island Paradise

Cebu is a group of islands and one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines. You can find anything in its capital (Cebu City) that you will find in any major city, so modern conveniences are not a problem. It also has a rich cultural heritage and has many festivals. As it is an island, beaches are never far away. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is in Bantayan Island, about five hours away by car and ferry.

Good Food

Cebu has an abundant supply of fresh fish and seafood right off the fishing boat. The local cuisine is simple and straightforward, acceptable to most palates. The area also features many international cuisines if that is your preference. If you are a budding gourmand, Cebu is definitely the place for you.

Friendly Neighborhood

The urban environment has not affected the basic character of the people. Cebuanos are still small-town folk at heart. They are friendly and accommodating, and quick with a smile even with strangers. This is the reason many foreigners like to come to Cebu to visit or stay.

Affordable Living

You can truly stretch a dollar in Cebu. Some places can be costly for the typical Filipino income, but the cost of living —​ even in prime areas —​ is low for most foreigners. You can live decently on as little as $650 a month. On average, though, expect to pay around $1,500 as an expatriate. That is less than the typical mortgage in the U.S.

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Warm and friendly is the best way to describe living in Cebu. You will know this if you have ever visited the islands. If you are considering moving to a tropical island, include Cebu on your list.