Getting Used to Life with Fixed Braces

Woman pointing at her bracesAs many homeowners know, living in a house while renovating it can be an inconvenience to say the least. But the final result is well worth it. The same goes for teeth straightening. Wearing fixed braces in Windsor takes some getting used to and needs to be factored into daily routines. However the end result brings many benefits to patients, beyond merely the cosmetic.

Learning to live with braces in Windsor requires paying a bit more attention to diet and dental hygiene routines, as any good dentist will tell patients. The Old Windsor Dental Practice has years of experience helping patients achieve healthier smiles through teeth straightening and is well placed to advise them on how to take care of their teeth and their braces during treatment.

Here are a few things to bear in mind:

What Not to Eat

Wearing fixed braces in Windsor doesn’t mean patients have to resort to a diet of soups and puréed foods. A healthy diet requires variety and that is still very possible while wearing braces. Hard foods, such as crisp apples and crunchy carrots, simply need cutting up into pieces before eating. Hard sweets on the other hand should be avoided. Cutting down on sugar, particularly sugary drinks, is also a good idea. This is because keeping teeth sufficiently clean while wearing braces can be more of a challenge. This makes it easier for plaque to build up and tooth decay to take hold. Cutting back on sugar will make it that much harder for harmful bacteria to run amok in patients’ mouths.

Oral Hygiene at Home and Work

Fixed braces are prone to trapping food debris between the braces and the teeth. This makes tooth brushing even more important. This should be done after every meal, which for many patients means brushing their teeth at work, as well as at home. Electric toothbrushes can be used with fixed braces, however flossing won’t be possible. Instead patients can use small interdental brushes to get to those hard-to-reach places. Getting into the routine of rinsing out the mouth with a fluoride mouthwash before bedtime will also help keep the teeth in good condition when wearing fixed braces in Windsor.