Getting Your Home Ready for Life After a Knee or Hip Surgery

Doctor supervising a patient to undergo a knee surgeryAre you scheduled for hip or knee surgery? Before you visit your orthopedic surgeon, take time to prepare your home. Michael J. Carlson, MD lists some tips on how to set up your home to make life easier when you return home after your arthroscopy in Provo.

Slip/trip/fall-proof your home.

You can do the following to prevent slips, trips and falls at home:

  • Stairways, hallways and pathways – Install tightly fastened handrails and good lighting on the stairs. Make sure your carpets are fixed firmly on the floor. Put no-slip strips on wooden and tile flooring. Discard rugs.
  • Bathroom – Invest in grab bars, non-skid mats and strips.
  • Bedroom – Put night lights, light switches, and flashlights near the bed.
  • Other living areas – Firmly secure carpets and rugs to the floor. Clear walking paths.

Keep stair climbing to a minimum.

You should not go up and down the stairs more than twice a day. Make the necessary arrangements to reduce the need to climb stairs. If possible, set up your bed downstairs and have a bathroom on the same floor where you’ll spend much of your day.

Place a firm, straight-back chair in every room.

You may need to sit when you do your everyday tasks. Put a chair with a firm back in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and any other room you will be using. Ensure you can reach the things you require without bending down low or getting on tiptoes.

Invest in an elevated toilet seat.

You shouldn’t bend too far at the hips after surgery. A raised toilet seat will keep you from doing just that.

Have someone to take care of your pets.

An enthusiastic pet can cause you to trip. Keep such pets away until you have recovered and healed completely.

After your arthroscopy, you’ll receive instructions about care for the incisions, activities to avoid, and exercises that can help your recovery. Your recovery and life will be more comfortable if you take time to prepare your home for the surgery.