Hair Care Myths That Are Just That — Myths

Hair Care in UtahUrban legends, or myths, in this case, aren’t limited to Hollywood horror films. The truth of the matter is, believing even in just one of the following hair care myths below could actually make your mane the villain in your own hair horror story.

Hair Care Myth #1: More Shampoo = Healthier and Cleaner Hair

Stop wasting your shampoo, or your money for that matter. In general, a squirt of shampoo, which is around quarter-size, is typically enough for shoulder length hair, a little more for waist length hair. Solid shampoo bars could even last you around 45 to 75 washes. The secret to a healthy and clean mane isn’t the lather that your shampoo generates — it’s actually your shampoo’s ingredients. That said, read your labels and look up ingredients that are specifically helpful for your exact hair profile.

Hair Care Myth #2 Brushing your Hair 100X Daily Makes your Hair Healthier

This old wives tale is actually extremely damaging to your hair. In fact, brushing could pull hair that’s not prepared to fall out, scratches your scalp, and usually breaks your healthy hair, adds a hair care expert from a top cosmetology school in Utah. Instead, only brush your hair — gently — when styling, and not for stimulating your scalp.

Hair Care Myth #3 You Must Shampoo Every Single Day

Shampooing excessively could actually harm your mane and result in excess production of oil. Try shampooing once daily if you have really oily hair and every other day if you have normal hair. Your scalp will adjust to this new shampooing regimen in about three weeks when you’ll begin to see the difference.

Hair Care Myth #4 You Don’t Have to Condition Oily Hair

Regardless of how oily your hair or scalp is and what your hair profile is, you still need to condition your hair once in a while to replenish lost moisture, most especially if you regularly wash your hair with clarifying shampoo. Just keep in mind that your ends will require more conditioning than your roots.

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Hair Care Myths #5 Rinse-Out Conditioners are a Sham

Conditioning is an integral part of a proper hair care regimen. Rinse out variants used after shampooing will deposit moisturizing proteins as well as other nutritious ingredients on your hair shaft, making it feel shinier, softer. It also helps protect against hair damage.

Do yourself a favor and stop believing all these hair care myths — your hair will be eternally grateful for it.