Hazardous Spill: Why You Need to Get Help – Fast

Oil in the oceanHazardous spills endanger the environment and the business that caused it. A single spill could do untold harm to wildlife and people, severely damage the reputation of a company, and cause it to close.

Enviro Care Inc., a trusted advisor and partner for environmental services across Western US, explains that environmental stewardship can influence profitability and public relations, among others. Even with such benefits, spills still occur.

A River Turns Yellow

In 2015, the Animas River in Utah turned a vivid yellow color after EPA workers accidentally released three million gallons of metal-contaminated water from a disused gold mine into the river. It then flowed into the San Juan River in Colorado. The workers had broken down a debris wall that was preventing the contaminated water from traveling any further. They had been trying to address problems at a second mine in the area because it had been leaking acidic water and heavy metals into Cement Creek.

The Animas river was closed to the public while a clean-up operation occurred. The San Juan river provided drinking water to Navajo tribes, so the incident put their health at risk.

Hazardous Spills are a Costly Mistake

If hazardous waste isn’t cleaned up or disposed of correctly, companies can incur hefty fines. Companies could receive penalties of up to $25,000 a day for breaking the law. That’s why hiring a professional waste disposal company is an important part of running a business. Accidents happen, and if the unthinkable occurs, staff should not attempt to clean it up themselves. They should call in the experts. Professionals have the equipment and the experience to work for industrial, commercial, and healthcare sectors, helping businesses keep the environment clean.

Hazardous material spill, Utah specialists can:

  • Send an emergency response team for fast clean up
  • Know how to handle and contain environmental hazard spills properly
  • Provide correct transportation of hazardous waste from the site
  • Provide compliant and safer disposal of these materials
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Hazardous waste pollutes the planet, kills fish and wildlife, makes human water supplies undrinkable and could result in substantial fines. One mistake ccould close a business. Using a disposal company saves money and promotes the ethical business practice.