Health Care Employment Faces Risks from Likely Repeal of Obamacare

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President Donald Trump’s proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act may bring more harm than good to the U.S. health care industry.

The leader of the free world has been publicly vocal about implementing reforms to the U.S. healthcare industry, something that he has lobbied during his presidential campaign. While he has promised to boost health care jobs, he also committed to making medical expenses more affordable for Americans.

Yet the two apparently won’t be a good match, as repealing Obamacare and reduce costs may hinder growth in employment, possibly including hospitalist recruitment among other health care jobs, notes Emergency Staffing Solutions.

Cheap Alternative

Harvard University economist Katherine Baicker believes that affordable health care will not be a feasible scenario if the industry hires more people. An efficient system stands to be one of the advantages of reducing jobs in the sector, Baicker said.

However, the country’s economy has become more dependent on the health care sector for continued development. New jobs in the industry have risen the most since 2007 with 35% of employment growth attributed to the sector.

What’s even more detrimental about cutting jobs lies on risking the main source of income of people in cities and suburban communities nationwide, as healthcare surpassed manufacturing and other industries as the biggest employer.

More Challenges

The U.S. health care employment’s woes apparently don’t end on Trump’s proposal to eliminate Obamacare. The president’s recent immigration ban also complicated hiring efforts of hospitals. The executive order seemed to have mellowed, yet the implications it has created seem to have a long-lasting impact.

Industry groups criticized the policy, saying it contradicts from his pledge of creating more jobs in the industry, particularly as it will affect an estimated 1,000 doctors that seek residency status in the country.


Trump’s regulations have convoluted the recruitment process for the U.S. healthcare industry. If you’re looking to hire people, contracting a third-party recruiter could help in making the process an easier task.