Healthy Smiles: A Guide to Choosing Your Toothpaste

Oral CareJust the numerous options you have when it comes to buying a tube of toothpaste can be intriguing. Sometimes, you get stuck wondering, “Should you go for fluoride protection or tartar control?”. Apart from these, you need to think about the whitening ingredients and products with all-natural ingredients.

Toothpaste is either available in gel or paste. Despite the differences in the many brands of toothpastes, some elements are common to most varieties:


Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally; this is the most important ingredient in toothpastes. Bacteria in the mouth thrive on sugar and starches that stay on your teeth after eating. During this process, bacteria release acid that corrodes the teeth. Fluoride is essential in neutralising this acid and strengthening your enamel to make your teeth less susceptible to cavities. Fluoride also reverses early acid damage by rebuilding the places that have begun to decay.

Tartar control

You will find numerous tartar-control toothpastes on the shelves today, most of which also contain fluoride. This types of toothpaste helps in minimising plaque, bacteria that form hard-to-remove deposits called tartar. Tartar build-up under your gums and on your teeth causes gum disease. Some toothpastes contain multiple anti-plaque agents that are more effective at controlling tartar.

Sensitive teeth

Some dentists say that if your teeth are sensitive, go for toothpaste containing potassium nitrate or strontium chloride. As Harley Street Dental Clinic notes, ‘One cause of sensitivity is dental erosion, which is the loss of tooth enamel’. The right toothpaste may help you replenish loss enamel and keep your teeth protected.

Whitening Paste

Whitening toothpaste contains chemicals that polish the teeth. Some products have ingredients that bind with stains and pull them out of the tooth surface, leaving you with a pearly-white smile.

With all these unique dental needs and remedies, you may be confused when choosing the right toothpaste, especially if you have more than one dental predicament. It is advisable to talk to your dentist when it comes to using the right oral care product.