How Dental Implants are Ending the Misery of Loose Dentures

Dental Implants to Replace Loose DenturesAre your loose dentures making you frown? Most people who wear traditional dentures will experience some issues with their fit. Fortunately, there are now ways that a dentist can end these problems once and for all.

All of our teeth comprise both crowns and roots. Standard dentures (and dental bridges) serve only to replace the crowns, but when the roots are missing for any amount of time, the jaw bone begins to resorb – shrink back – and create problems with the way your dentures fit.

At Dove Dental Care in Derby an experienced dentist can stabilise your dentures with the help of dental implants. Implants are one of the most exciting innovations in the world of modern dentistry, and there has been extensive research and development in the world of dental implantology over the past three decades.

A dental implant is a bionic tooth root, made out of titanium. This metal is very strong and durable, and also very compatible with the human body – it is routinely used in such procedures as knee and hip replacements. In terms of dental treatment, it means that any shrinkage of the jaw bone will be halted, and your bone and blood vessels will grow up around the implant(s).

This provides a strong anchor for your new teeth, and also helps to stop you looking old before your time, because bone shrinkage can lead to sagging of the skin around the lower face and jowls and can even alter the whole structure of the face, leading to a prematurely aged appearance.

Once your implants are in position they instantly start to integrate with the jaw bone. This takes a few months to fully complete, during which time you can usually keep wearing your regular dentures, although your dentist will have to adjust them.

After healing is complete, your dentist will attach your permanent new dentures to abutments on top of your implants. You will still be able to take your dentures out for cleaning, and your dentist will teach you how to do this. But otherwise they will remain firmly in your mouth, looking and acting like natural teeth.