How to Look Younger Overnight: Change Your Hair Colour

Hair ColourDid you know that your hair colour is one of the simplest and most effective anti-ageing tools in your beauty arsenal? Get a dye job that’s too frosty or ashy and you’ll suddenly find yourself looking older than you actually are.

Going Too Far from Your Natural Hair Colour

Do you know why your natural hair colour is your natural hair colour? Simple, because it perfectly suits your natural skin tone and won’t look fake on you. When having your hair coloured, you must aim to enrich and enhance your hair’s natural shade and subtly disguise your greys and not totally change your entire appearance.

Expert hairdressers in West Perth, Circles of Subiaco, recommend that you have your hair coloured within reason, meaning that if you are a warm blonde, stick to gold shades for added depth and if you are a dark brunette, stick to richer tones. If you insist on adding an entirely new shade, your natural colour will attempt to battle it out with the new one until such time that it oxidises and looks brassy and orangey — this will definitely make you look older overnight.

Going Too Far Into the Light

Although a buttery blonde is generally youthful, some pale, ashy blondes that are too light will look more like grey and enhance your grey hairs. The trick is to find a colour that is two shades lighter than your natural colour and ‘wake up’ your overall appearance with a few natural-looking streaks. Otherwise, you’ll appear washed out. Remember, natural colour is never just one shade all over, similar to children’s hair, your ends must look lighter and your roots must look darker.

Going Too Far Into the Dark Side

Hair that’s too inky and dark will appear bluer than black and won’t reflect light. It will likewise highlight your regrowth and greys, and make your face appear more tired and sallow. Expert hairdressers recommend highlights and a single-process that will make your natural colour a shade lighter in order to effectively conceal your greys, add dimension, and still complement your complexion.