How You Can Benefit from Having Braces

Woman with dental braces holding an appleCrooked and overlapping teeth can make a person feel insecure. Other than the negative effects of this condition on your facial appearance, it could lead to a variety of dental problems. Good thing this teeth imperfection can be remedied by braces. Not only will braces improve your self-esteem; it has other great benefits as well.

An experienced dentist in Oviedo, Florida shares how having braces can benefit patients with crooked teeth.

Relieves TMJ disorder

Crooked teeth can cause bite problems. Irregular jaw movement can cause too much stress on your jaw, which can lead to temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorder. It causes severe pain in the jaw joints and muscles. Furthermore, you may experience headaches and locked jaw frequently. Wearing orthodontic braces can relieve the pain and other symptoms, as well as align your teeth properly.

Improves digestion

Since crooked teeth cause bite problems, chewing is also a major concern. Food that is not properly chewed can cause indigestion. Consequently, the bowel movement becomes a problem. Wearing braces will improve your bite and make chewing easier, allowing the food to be digested properly.

Promotes healthy gums

Overlapping teeth can lead to plaque buildup, which can result in tooth decay and bad breath. It also increases your chances of having gum problems. Wearing braces can fix your teeth’s alignment and makes brushing and flossing easier. Properly brushed teeth may stay white and plaque-free, so you can have fresh breath and healthy gums.

Corrects speech problems

Improper teeth alignment may affect a person’s speech. The patient may lisp or stammer as he or she has difficulty pronouncing words. Dental braces can fix the misaligned teeth and correct the patient’s speech problem.

Boosts self-esteem

Crooked teeth make you uncomfortable and less confident because you worry about your physical appearance. Dental braces can help you develop confidence and boost your self-esteem. With properly aligned teeth, you can face the world with your head up high.

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Orthodontic braces do not just exist for aesthetic reasons. They preserve your health, improve your speech, and protect your teeth. For any dental treatment, be sure consult a licensed and experienced dentist in your area.