Ideal Gifts for the Gentleman

Gift IdeasGentlemen are a very rare breed and once you find one, he is irreplaceable. However, it can be a little tricky finding the perfect gift for your gentleman. But you need not worry because this list will give you a few suggestions on what to give him for his special day.


A cufflink is a perfect gift for them who are fond of wearing long sleeved shirts whether in a meeting or in a simple gathering. You may opt for bespoke or custom-made cufflinks for a more special thought.


A gentleman always has a tie. While giving him a tie as a gift is a good idea, it might be better giving him a boxed set of curated ties for a change. These give a gentleman the finishing touch to his look.


Another good idea for a gift is a pair of socks or two. Give him a pair for use in the gym and another pair that is more funky which he can use with a suit or with his pajamas in the cold weather.

Polishing set.

Real gentlemen clean their own shoes, hence a polishing set is not a bad gift for them. A standard boxed set includes, but not limited to, the wax, polishing cream, a brush, and a sophisticated rag so they can shine their shoe on point.

Valet stand.

What is a better gift for a man who has all the items above? A valet stand, of course! There are various made valet stands but a wooden valet from Karv Luxury will be of real sophistication where he can place other essentials.

Whiskey Barrel.

When you have a little more money to throw out, maybe you can give your man a whiskey barrel, kind of literally. There are whiskey barrels which are so tiny they can be displayed, yet are still fully functional like those in the distilleries.


A unique and a geeky one. People are going crazy today about the new Star Wars film so maybe it is very much timely to give him the Deathstar Alarm Clock whether there is a special occasion or not. This will wake him up in the morning like no other.

A true gentleman makes his woman feel special, but it can never hurt to do the same to your man.