If Not Genetics, Ice Chewing May Have Caused Your Crooked Teeth

crooked teethMany people, if it was up to them, would get only the better features from their parents. It is only logical, if even possible, for them to choose attributes that will help them cope with the rigours of life. Of course, they also want to look their best. There is a form-and-function balance to this kind of theory, but the way genetics work, the best parents can do is to hope that nature’s programmers be kind to their children.

Most, if not everyone, learn to work around their imperfections. Somewhere in a person’s body, he or she has something that is not as slightly as the rest of them. It is unfortunate, however, when that one flaw is visible for everyone to see, such as crooked teeth. Genetics can give a person an exceptional digestive system, a sturdy immune system and affection for perseverance. But, they can also give a person a one shorter leg, moles all over and oversensitivity to the sun.

When Genetics Was Not at Fault

The teeth are one of the hardest body parts to become askew without purposely doing it. Yet, some people do it without even knowing it. When a cuppa has too much sugar, it can cause tooth decay. Considering an average Briton consumes 238 teaspoons of it per week, it becomes easy to understand their reputation of having bad teeth.

It is ice, however, and repeated chewing of it will ruin an otherwise perfect set of dentitions. Most importantly, grinding on ice causes the enamel to wear out faster. That leads to cracks or chips, and to those who have been using their teeth as ice crushers, it is the likeliest source of their crooked teeth.

Halting the Cycle

Ice chewing becomes a habit that is hard to eliminate. Most people think of it as harmless, even though it is a slow killer of teeth. A visit to a local Milton Keynes orthodontist will change that. They can even initiate the change and halt the cycle. It is a good move to heed the advice of dental professionals, as they are always looking for what could happen to someone’s teeth.