Important First Aid Strategies You Should Learn

CPR CoursesBeing a helpless witness to an accident is a horrible experience. But if you have knowledge of first aid, you can assist the injured person until medical assistance arrives.

Here are some first aid hacks to help you out in an emergency situation:

Checking the victim's condition

Check if the person is breathing and has a pulse. Look for any obstruction in the mouth or throat and then clear it. Assess the extent of the injury. Is the head bleeding? Are the arms or legs broken? Try to talk to the patient to find out if he or she is aware of the situation.

Dealing with seriously injured victims

Help first those who are more seriously injured victims like those who cannot breathe. If the person doesn’t have a pulse, perform CPR at a rate of 100 times per minute until paramedics arrive. This technique is extremely significant in saving a person’s life. Should you need to know more about CPR, there are training schools offering CPR courses that can help you learn it alongside other first aid measures.

Dealing with minor injuries

In case of open wounds, use a clean cloth on the body part as you press down your palms on the affected area to control the bleeding. Apply pressure for 20 minutes until bleeding stops. For minor burns, wash the skin under cool tap water for 10 minutes. Clean the area with mild soap. Then take medicine for pain. Minor burns do not need dressings.

Saving a drowning person

If the drowning person is near the pool or dock, use a branch, towel, or any hard and long object to reach the person. Make sure to lie flat on the ground while doing this. You can also throw a safety ring from which the person can hold on or get a boat and row your way to the person. It is hard to swim with a flailing person; so if you’re not a good swimmer, swimming out should be your last resort.

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Although you cannot totally avoid accidents, you can save a number of victims if you can perform first aid procedure on them. Remember that knowledge of first aid can save the victims’ lives and their loved ones as well.