In the Eyes of an Expert: Understanding the Role of an Esthetician

Esthetician working on the client's skinMany people still do not know what estheticians do. Some assume that they’ve got the same job as the dermatologists. Some think they are only beauticians. To clear up any misconceptions about skin care specialists, here’s a quick explanation of their work.

Aspiring skin care specialists in Orem, Utah receive training which covers a wide range of practices and techniques. Their courses are not only limited to facial treatments, but also involves body treatments such as spa, massages, waxing treatments, body wraps, and exfoliation.

However, there are also special cases of skin care expert which focuses on providing medical care and assistance to patients who just recently undergo surgery or medical operation. These professionals are required to attend a more specialized program to help acquire the knowledge they need. They are often referred to today as “medical esthetician.”

They evaluate the condition and appearance of their client’s skin

They follow standard techniques in performing the analysis to come up with the best solution and treatment program based on the skin type and circumstances of their customers.

They offer recommendations and treatment methods to improve a person’s skin and appearance

Every esthetician is required to earn a certification and license from the National Certification of Education Achievement.

They perform skin care treatments. However, they cannot perform surgery or other invasive procedures. Their expertise is limited to educating clients the proper way to take care of their skin as well as in providing non-invasive services and therapies to keep the skin healthy.

The role of an esthetician revolves around beautification and maintaining the skin’s good condition. It involves knowing the patient’s skin histology, sanitation practices, and even to teaching the safe application of skin products and makeup. More than that, they also perform a variety of body treatments.