Keeping Elderly Married Couples Together Even After Retirement

elderly coupleThousands of senior couples are forcibly separated when they go into care homes because the homes don’t have the facilities to accommodate both together. After a lifetime together, many elderly couples are forced apart from each other when one goes into a care home and the other is independent enough to stay at home. Even when both need care, however, not many homes have married quarters.

Such a practice has been branded inhumane by courts. Fortunately, more homes are becoming better equipped to accept married couples.

Judge Condemns Separating Elderly Couples

High Court Judge, Sir James Munby, condemned social workers who chose to separate elderly couples, saying that couples who have been married 50 years or more may die of a broken heart if parted from each other. He cited many cases reported in the media, where a spouse dies, and this is followed shortly afterward by the death of the remaining spouse. Progressive assisted living homes keep partners together.

Couple-Friendly Facilities

Assisted living facilities in Provo like those from Legacy Village of Provo provide beautiful apartments for residents. They give residents a choice of floor plans, so they can choose the layout of their home the same way they’d choose a house. Rooms are a home away from home without a hint of anything hospital-related. The building design, moreover, has safety features that prevent residents from wandering off or getting lost.

Trained staff help with housework and self-care needs, giving assistance where needed while still giving them a degree of independence and privacy in their married life. They can dine in a restaurant-style atmosphere each day and take part in organized activities. Outdoor courtyards and lawns allow them to get out and about in the safety of the complex.

Separating elderly couples might still be a common practice but it doesn’t make things right. Memory care facilities and dementia villages allow older couples to stay together forever.