Korean Beauty Secrets You Need to Try Now

Woman ready for her Korean spa scrubHave you ever wondered why Koreans have such luminous, almost pore-less, baby smooth skin? Well, apart from a proper diet, it has a lot to do with their skin care regimen.

The Korean beauty industry is one of the fastest growing markets today, thanks to the millions of women digging up secrets on how to achieve that flawless Korean skin.  Refer to the list below for some Korean beauty tips and secrets.

Korean spa scrub

This is not the typical spa scrub you might be thinking. You might even find the session a bit intense, especially if you are a first-timer. A Korean spa scrub involves the use of mitts to slough off dead skin. Attendants do not use soap but exfoliate (i.e., salt, sugar, coffee grounds) to rub away your dead skin cells. You might end up reddish after the session, but you will surely feel fresh and cleansed when your new skin is revealed.

Korean masks

They are cheap and very effective. Koreans produce a multitude of masks for everything your skin needs. From acne problems to dry skin and anti-aging – they have it all. At the end of the day, when you feel tired or stressed, put on a cold mask for 20 to 30 minutes.

Oil cleansers

It is not enough to wash your face to remove grime and dirt after a long day. The first step of your regimen should involve oil cleansers to remove deep-seated bacteria and oil that foam facial cleaners cannot.


We are not talking about the cold and sugar-loaded version but the hot and nutty, leafy-tasting one. Koreans are known for their love of tea packed with anti-oxidants that improve blood circulation and flush out any impurities.

With the right balance of good food, exercise, and a good skin care routine, you will just be a few steps away from achieving that certain Korean skin glow.