How Lanyards Are Becoming a Favourite Event Keepsake

Dark Blue LanyardPeople are fond of taking home something from attending events like conventions and concerts. Whether they are photos they took or merchandise they bought, they want to own a keepsake that proves their attendance at that event.

One popular memorabilia are custom-made lanyards. Simple as they may seem, they have become a crowd favourite with their unique designs, comfortable material, and reusability.

A Sense of Pride and Identity

The culture of “pics or it didn’t happen” is still prevalent, especially on social media. Lanyards allow people to show off their attendance at a cool event without presenting photographic evidence. Extra bragging rights even go with lanyards that indicate a VIP pass.

Another reason people like wearing lanyards even months after the event is to associate themselves with the event. By wearing lanyards, they get to express their support and patronage to the brand and organization. They make themselves known as a fan of a brand or a company by wearing lanyards to work, school, and anywhere else.

What Does This Mean for Your Company?

Lanyards serve as a cost-effective promotional tool for your brand and company. They are cost-effective because lanyard manufacturers make them in bulk at high quality for a reasonable price. You don’t have to worry about marketing tactics because the wearers do the promotion for you by wearing them and even talking about them in some cases.

Attendees also appreciate the use of lanyards in your company’s events. Lanyards serve their purpose without the discomfort of pins and the possible clothing damage caused by stickers. Moreover, the nature of lanyards allows your brand to be recognized in a colourful, unique and effective manner.

Making use of lanyards in your company’s event is a good investment. Not only do you get your brand’s name out for a low price, but you also get to connect with existing and prospective clients and customers.