Let your dentist help you with your whole look

a great white smile
Your dentist can help you have and maintain healthy teeth. They will offer you check-ups and routine hygiene as standard. Did you know that they can also help you to look great as well?

When you visit a dentist like Victoria Road Dental Centre in Ruislip, you can enhance your look by changing your smile as well as the appearance of your whole face. The best way to explore your options is to make an appointment for a consultation. Your dentist can check that everything is healthy in your mouth and begin to plan other treatments with you. Below are just a few of the treatments you might consider for a better feel and look.

Missing teeth

If you have missing teeth, you already know how beneficial it would be to have them replaced. Getting the functionality of your teeth back up to full speed can have a huge impact on your life. Dental implants are something you might consider to achieve this if they are offered by your dentist. As this is quite an extensive undertaking for most people, it is worth walking through the whole journey with your practitioner before you begin and asking any question that you have. If you decide to go ahead, then make a list of the benefits you are looking forward to in order to help motivate you during your treatment.

Straight teeth

Straight teeth are, in general, healthier teeth. Many dentists now have innovative solutions they can offer you such as Invisalign. These are clear aligners that fit over the top of your teeth and apply gentle pressure to move them into place. They are removable and easy to look after so many patients find they feel more in control of the process than with conventional orthodontics.

Your skin

Many dentists no longer limit themselves to the aesthetic improvement of the teeth. You can now consider having treatments like Botox, dermal fillers and skincare peels at your dentist. These non-surgical cosmetic treatments are an increasingly popular way to rejuvenate the face and smooth out fine lines. Your dentist can give you advice on which treatment to choose and where to target your efforts for the best effect.