Medical Conditions that Can be Treated with Massage

Woman on a massage therapyMassage therapy is a treatment modality that involves tissue manipulation of inflamed muscles, joints, and ligaments. Studies show that pressure application on the tissues of your body can reduce tension, boost the immune system, and improve your mood.

Massage also induces soft tissue relaxation, which is essential for the treatment of several medical conditions.

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed days at work. Since Americans may feel debilitating pain in the back due to improper body position at work, it is crucial to undergo massage therapy.

By targeting inflamed soft tissues, massage allows the release of tension in the trigger points of the back. Application of pressure also enhances the flow of blood to the back muscles for better energy sustenance. This promotes better tissue healing of inflamed muscles that are susceptible to chronic strain at work.

Post-Surgical Body Pain

Pain is the most common manifestation among patients who recently underwent a surgical procedure. Since surgery may cause minor trauma to connective tissues, you may experience mild to moderate post-operative pain.

Thus, a massage therapy here in Jericho, NY is essential to promote tissue growth in injured areas of the body. Tissue manipulation induces production of growth factors that trigger the healing cascade for tissue repair.

Tension Headache

A tension headache comes with a feeling of constant tightness that compresses your head. Clinical studies show that regular massage can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of tension headache episodes.

Massage therapy has a widening effect on blood vessels of the brain, which increases blood flow to oxygen-poor regions. It also reduces muscle spasms and relaxes the trigger points; hence, decreasing the incidence of headache.

Thus, you will have a better sleep, which subsequently improves brain function and reduces headache occurrence.

Massage therapy is a cost-effective therapeutic technique with numerous health benefits. Thus, it is crucial to find a therapist who specializes in hands-on soft tissue manipulation to promote tissue healing.