Men Want to Look Great Too: A Lesson from South Koreans

A man wearing a suit The cosmetic industry in South Korea is massive. Makeup stores, mall sales, and even plastic surgery ads are a constant travel companion in trains and buses. It’s not just a way to indulge, but part of South Korean’s everyday lifestyle.

Compared to their Western counterparts, more men in South Korea wear makeup and keep a regular skin care regimen. A significant number also get plastic surgery like male rhinoplasty or liposuction surgery. As a matter of fact, the sale of men’s skin care products in the country grew by 86 percent between 2010 and 2015, according to research firm Euromonitor.

Modern South Korean Men Are Well-Groomed

Aside from being fit and dressing to impress, a well-groomed appearance is a must among modern South Korean men. They have to follow a rigorous skin care routine in order to achieve and maintain this look. It involves moisturizers, cleansers, and of course, makeup since creates an even-toned complexion and flawless skin.

Male Celebrities Wear Makeup, Too

One South Korean man said he never feels unmanly when putting on makeup. His reason? Well, famous male celebrities, from television show hosts to K-Pop singers, wear a lot of makeup and their female fans are digging it. A lot.

No Cultural Stigma Against Plastic Surgeries

South Korea has one of the highest rates of plastic surgery in the world. It’s not unusual for South Koreans, both men and women, to go under the knife for jawbone rearrangement or nose restructuring surgery. There’s almost no cultural stigma when going under the knife and people go out in public still in bandages from their plastic surgeries.

While the idea of beauty in South Korea may be a little different from that of the Western world, it’s a great thing that men are not stigmatized for wanting to improve their looks. After all, men are allowed to want to look great, too.