More than Just Teeth Whitening – It’s Confidence-Boosting

Teeth Whitening in Sioux FallsTeeth whitening is one of the most common procedures performed in cosmetic dentistry clinics in Sioux Falls. Although having slightly off-white teeth is not really that bad, it may affect one’s confidence and self-esteem. Teeth whitening procedures are offered in dental clinics all around the world. Furthermore, the market has teeth whitening kits.

The Natural Color of Teeth

The color of the teeth is primarily affected by the thickness of the enamel. A thin enamel may show more of the dentin underneath it. The reflection and scattering of light off your enamel may affect the overall appearance of teeth.

However, over time, a thin coat of film may form on the enamel, which may pick up stains and leave them there permanently. These pores that contain the staining substances give your teeth a yellowish tinge. Some of the most common causes of teeth staining are smoking, drinking dark-colored beverages such as coffee and red wine, and poor dental and oral hygiene. Elderly individuals have yellower teeth simply because their dentin takes on a darker hue against a thinner enamel.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

There are many commercially available teeth whitening products. In-office teeth whitening provides favorable results. These dental procedures utilize specially-made teeth whitening gel, which is applied onto the teeth’s surface, held in place for several minutes by a mouthpiece, and then duly activated by specialized light or laser. The major component of this gel is dental-grade hydrogen peroxide.

Depending on the extent of the teeth discoloration or staining, your dentist may require you to continue with the teeth whitening process at home. Understand that teeth whitening requires several sessions to complete. This is because it takes time to achieve any noticeable difference. Your dentist will be taking a photograph of your teeth before starting the treatment. This is to make sure you have a baseline with which to measure the progress of your teeth whitening treatments.

Whitening your teeth may enhance your confidence. However, for optimum results, it is advisable to get teeth whitening treatments from your dentist.