More Than Medicines: Seniors Need Love and Companionship

Home Care AssistanceSeniors may need medicines, but having someone beside them to keep them company, care for them, talk to them, and listen to them, can bring a lot of goodness to their overall health and well-being.

Have you heard about stories of patients who are not responding to medicines, yet only got to start their way to recovery when a son or daughter came to visit them? These are the miracles of life that only human touch can bring forth. Yes, seniors may have all those maintenance medicines prescribed by doctors, but more than these tiny capsules, it is the human touch that gives them the will to go on.


The old saying that laughter is the best medicine has always been real. This is why a good and hearty laugh brought about by the presence of a companion can do wonders for the health of seniors. Help Guide stated that laughter can trigger positive changes in both the physical and emotional health of an individual. It could also strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and of course, make people feel less depressed. A companion who can help seniors feel happy and laugh may be the key to a faster recovery.

Help During Emergencies

Old age can greatly diminish one’s physical capabilities. It will be hard for old men and women to run when there’s fire, or even grab the telephone when they’re not feeling well. These crucial times require the presence of someone able to help them during an emergency. If you care for a loved one, it would be a good decision to provide them senior home care. This will ensure that somebody is by their side not only when they want someone to listen, but most especially during emergencies.

Healthy Food Choices

Since aging requires one to eat healthier food, it is always good to have somebody who will ensure that the elderly would eat nutritious meals. Some seniors may try to hide some foods, which aren’t exactly good for their health. Who wouldn’t want to eat chocolates, ice cream, burger, and a slab of juicy steak? When someone is around, however, family members could always ascertain that they eat good food. NIH Senior Health notes that a balanced mix of foods will always do wonders for the body, giving nutrients to various organs, bones and muscles.

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Seniors would always be in need of a companion. It is something that would ensure both their safety and their well-being. Once they have a companion they can talk to every day, such as the ones provided by senior home care in Minnesota, a positive result can be expected.