Nearing Your Delivery Date? Here’s Why Timing Your Contractions is Necessary

Contraction Timer on Your Third TrimesterWhen you reach the third trimester, you might feel excited and at the same time worried about labor and delivery. It’s the time to prepare yourself in welcoming your baby and becoming a mother.

It’s important, however, to know how to distinguish false labor from true labor. Having true labor would indicate that you are a few minutes or hours away from seeing your baby for the first time.

Why is Contraction Timing Important?

Contractions are one of the first signs that a mother is nearing labor. It comes in two forms – Braxton hicks which are often mistaken as real contractions and true labor contractions, that signals the start of labor and you need to call your doctor. When you think you’re having true labor contractions, it’s important to time them.

Ensure the Baby’s Safety for High-Risk Moms

There are many conditions a pregnant woman might suffer during pregnancy such as abruption placenta, placenta previa, and pre-eclampsia. For mothers suffering from conditions that might make them at high-risk of complications, wearing a contraction timer is important.‘s pregnancy wearable, for instance, automatically tracks and counts contractions. This will ensure that the baby is in good condition and pre-term labor is monitored.

Measure Contraction Frequency and Duration for First-Time Moms

Since contractions increase in intensity and frequency as the labor progresses, it’s important to use a contraction timer to make sure it is monitored properly. This will help you and your health care provider track what is happening.

This is important, especially for first-time moms who do not know when a contraction is happening. Duration is timed when you first feel your tummy harden until it’s over. Frequency is timed from the start of one contraction to the start of the next.

Take You to a Hospital Immediately

If the contractions become regular and frequent, it’s time for you to go to the hospital or birthing center. Regular contractions are defined as those that has stable duration and frequency over a period of time. If you’re having this, make sure to give your doctor or midwife a call.

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Having a contraction timer and knowing how to use it is a great help for first-time mothers. It is important to reach the hospital on time before the baby goes out. Thus, properly timing the contractions will tell you when you need to go to the hospital.

Learning how to time contractions is crucial to help your doctor estimate your condition and ensure you can get to a hospital immediately.