Nose Fillers: The Minimally Invasive Option to Improve Your Nasal Bridge

narrower noseSeveral women aim to have a straight and sharp nose to enhance their appearance. Since a high nasal bridge equates with an improvement in facial features, they undergo rhinoplasty to surgically correct nasal configuration. However, since plastic surgery is a more invasive procedure with increased postoperative bleeding, some individuals prefer minimally invasive surgical procedures such as the use of nose fillers.

What are Nose Fillers?

Nose fillers are mostly composed of a compound called hyaluronic acid, which is a natural connective tissue substance that is normally found in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is used to straighten wrinkles by enhancing skin growth and hydration. Since this substance is also firm and flexible, it can be used to improve skin fullness. In addition, hyaluronic acid is commonly found in the skin, which means it rarely triggers hypersensitivity reactions.

What Occurs during the Procedure?

Injection of nose fillers is a quick cosmetic procedure which usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number of puncture sites. Initially, your cosmetic specialist topically applies a local anaesthetic to dampen the pain. Fine needles containing hyaluronic acid are then slowly injected over the preferred area to tighten the skin’s surface. Continuous injections are done until you achieve the desired texture and contour of your nose.

What Should I Expect after the Procedure?

After the procedure, you will achieve your preferred nose shape and contour. Minimal risks, such as mild postoperative pain, bleeding, and bruising may be treated conservatively. Skin specialists often encourage the use of ice packs and pain relievers for symptomatic management.

Complete recovery from nose filler injection is expected after 3 to 5 days. Employees also prefer this treatment technique since it does not have activity limitations and diet restrictions after your treatment.

The Bottom Line

Dermal fillers are increasingly used for the cosmetic improvement of the nose’s shape and configuration. Thus, aesthetic specialists strongly recommend the use of nose fillers to make your nose bridge higher without exposing it to the risks of invasive surgery.