Not Feeling Too Well? Here’s How to Deal With It

woman having feverHave you been feeling off lately? You’re far from having a fever, and you don’t have a cold, but you easily feel weak, fatigued and uneasy. Sometimes, you get headaches and lose your appetite.

According to Family Medical Clinic Kendall, if you feel that something’s not right with your health and you tend to lose interest in your usual activities, you might be coming down with an illness.

The best advice is to always listen to your body. But at the same time, don’t forget to follow these tips to avoid complications:

1. Get yourself checked.

Although it’s wise to observe your condition for a day or two because it might just be hormonal, it’s highly suggested to pay an urgent care clinic in Miami a visit so you can receive the proper medical attention.

You might undergo various tests if you’re not showing visible symptoms. Just don’t ignore what you’re feeling because if you let it progress, you might just end up in an emergency room. So see a health specialist as soon as you can to address the issue and ease your anxieties.

2. Cut your vices.

Avoid smoking, drinking or staying up late because they can affect your immune system and aggravate whatever you’re feeling. You may be coming down with the flu and you don’t even know it, so it’s better to stay home and sleep early.

As you take a break from parties and bar meetings, take in a lot of Vitamin C and vegetables to keep your diet on the safe side.

3. Minimize strenuous activities.

If you have yet to visit your doctor and know your condition, avoid strenuous activities in the meantime. Though exercising is healthy, your body’s current condition may not handle the stress of lifting weights or running for miles, so don’t push yourself too much.

If you want to stay active, do mild stretching or yoga. Keeping yourself fit and healthy doesn’t need to be an event in the Olympics. It just takes a few tweaks to your daily routine and a motivation to keep good habits.