Oral Health Queries: Can You Drink Alcohol After Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Salt Lake CityOne of the most annoying things about getting your tooth extracted is that you are not allowed to do a lot of things for a while. Lifting heavy objects is one. If you are thinking about drinking alcohol on the same day after a tooth extraction, knowing its possible effects after the procedure can save you from unwanted side effects and other health-related problems.

Alcohol and Medication

Is it safe to drink alcohol after tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal? Dentists say no. Administering wisdom teeth removal in Salt Lake City, DrGregRoberts.com says, “If you smoke or drink alcohol this could delay or prevent proper healing, so it’s best to avoid these activities at least a week before and a week after your surgery”.

Alcohol and Antibiotics

As alcohol and antibiotics produce the same side effects, such as dizziness, stomach upset, and drowsiness, mixing both could double the side effects. There are some antibiotics that should never be mixed with alcohol. Metronidazole and Tindamax, for example, when combined with alcohol may result in rapid heart rate and vomiting.

Alcohol and Painkillers

Dentists prescribe painkillers to relieve pain and discomfort. Avoid taking these and drinking alcohol afterwards, as doing so can increase the chances of damaging the kidneys and liver. More often, painkillers such as Ibuprofen mixed with alcohol may cause stomach problems, internal bleeding, or impaired breathing.

Alcohol and Bleeding

A study revealed that alcohol has blood-thinning effects that can prevent blood clots. As such, there may be more bleeding if the patient is under the effects of alcohol before or after tooth extraction.

When can you return to drinking?

In most cases, your dentist will prescribe that you can start drinking again after 24 hours. By this time, the pain medication has already worn off and your body is already back into shape. Depending on your overall health, you might need to avoid alcohol for as long as 48 hours or up to a week when you are taking antibiotics.

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Tooth extraction is rarely a pleasant experience. Even if you want to relax with a glass of wine or a bottle of cold beer, you need to hold off the liquor to ensure a safe recovery.