Orthodontics: To Show It or Hide It?

DentistGetting your teeth aligned may count as a cosmetic procedure to some. The process changes the way you naturally look to achieve a more attractive set of teeth. While getting braces corrects several problems with your dental health, some people may simply see it as a work of vanity. Due to this, they might want to go through the process discreetly.

Dental Care Partnership explores this topic below.

The Dilemma of Braces

Orthodontics requires you to wear dental equipment all the time to correct misalignment in your teeth. Your teeth will not move unless this equipment does its work. Wearing braces would mean having metal brackets and wires present on your teeth for everyone to see when you open your mouth. Some people may not like this idea so instead, they would rather not have their teeth fixed. Getting a beautiful set of straight white teeth, however, does not come without a sacrifice.

The Discreet Solution

While metal braces are still present today, newer solutions allow the process of alignment to be less visually arresting. You may get Invisalign, a removable orthodontic equipment that can help correct misalignment without having to wear metal brackets. It is a clear plastic dental dam fitted exactly for your teeth. Every month you will have to visit the dentist to have these dams replaced in the shape your teeth has to move into. It is a discreet process so you do not lose self-confidence when having to speak to people.

While you still have to experience the pain of moving teeth, it does not have to be a visible process with Invisalign. Ask your dentist more about Invisalign braces in Sutton and see if it fits your needs. You should always have a choice in how you want the orthodontic procedure to go. If you do not want to face the struggle of metal brackets, then Invisalign is right for you.