Perfect Special Moments for Presenting Her Moissanite Jewelry

Engagement RingShe's so special that you can't imagine living your life without her. It's typical to get her a jewel as special as she is. Moissanite, a gem that can challenge the diamond's hardness, brilliance, and luster without being too costly, can be your perfect gift to your beloved on the following special occasions.

Ask Her To Marry You – The most obvious time to offer a Moissanite from is when you pop THE question. Whether you choose to offer it to her during a private dinner or after a successful "flash mob" presentation, be confident that you're giving her a ring that's as beautiful as she is. And don't forget to kneel in front of her when you're offering that engagement ring.

Surprise Her on Her Birthday – Any birthday becomes much more special when you present her with a pair of Moissanite earrings. Choose a design that will go well with the other jewelry gifts that she got from you before. For added effect, plan a surprise birthday party for her and give her gift after all your guests have gone home.

On Your First Anniversary – You've gotten through your first year of marriage, and it's truly worth celebrating. Choose a necklace with a Moissanite Monogram pendant or locket. Opt to personalize it by engraving the date on the back of the locket. If there's space, add both your initials. It seems cheesy to some, but can be adequately romantic for your spouse.

When Renewing of Vows – You've flown through your silver and gold wedding anniversaries with flying colors. However, make your diamond wedding anniversary extra special by renewing your vows. This time, offer her a special gift of love and appreciation: a whole Moissanite matching jewelry set which includes earrings, a bracelet, a ring and a necklace.

There will never be a jewel as precious as her in your life. This makes your gifts even more meaningful and appropriate. Remember to prepare well before these events so you have time to select the best Moissanite gift you can afford.