Practical Tips For People with Braces

Dental BracesOur teeth are our pride. We don’t just use it to masticate even the toughest of meats, we also use them as a way to attract other people and project our confidence. But not all people are born with great-looking teeth. Some experience misalignments, wrong bites, or even jagged teeth that cause a lot of pain.

But thanks to orthodontics, people are able to enjoy the benefit of correcting and adjusting their teeth for better. The American Association of Orthodontics notes that there are more than four million Americans wearing braces. If you’re one of those people wearing ortho appliances, it is very important to note that aside from the benefits, there are accompanying responsibilities.

Here are some things to take note of once you have your braces on!

Foods to avoid

Oral health is a must for people who wear ortho appliances. And this includes avoiding certain hard foods that can damage your teeth or ruin your bite. Once your braces are on, you need to avoid hard and chewy stuff including but not limited to the following:

  • Ice
  • Hard candy
  • Caramel chews
  • Bubblegum
  • Nuts

These foods can either make your braces more painful for you (especially the hard foods) or it can make cleaning difficult for you (like the chewy and gooey stuff).

Follow a diet

But candies and sweets are not the only things to stay away from. Being cautious with your diet is also important especially when it comes to the acidity of the food you take in. Foods high in acidity can damage your teeth especially when you are wearing ortho devices. So while they’re on, stick to low acid foods.

Soda should be really avoided because of its high sugar content. Note that there are also fruits that are more acidic than other fruits.

Cleaning tools

The main line of defense for those who wear braces is toothbrushing. Being conscious of how often and how you brush will keep cavities and tooth decay at bay. Aside from toothbrushes, you can use interdental brushes, angled brushes, special toothpicks, and dental floss.

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Remember that braces can only make you look good if you do a good job caring for it. So start it right by choosing the right food to eat and by making good oral hygiene a habit!