Premature Wrinkles: A Cause for Worry

Botox TreatmentSome people seem to age faster than others. Premature wrinkles can be a source of insecurity and may make a person look older than they are.

In fact, premature wrinkles are so prevalent that younger patients, individuals who are just in their twenties or thirties, are choosing to undergo wrinkle reducing treatments. It is so prevalent that some dental practices such as Gentle Dental Care, offer a range of skin aesthetic treatments to meet demand, including dermal fillers.

But what causes premature wrinkles in the first place, and what can you do to prevent them?


Exposure to sunlight, particularly UV light, can be especially damaging to the skin. UV light breaks down collagen and elastin fibres, which serve as the skin’s connective tissue. Without collagen, the skin tends to sag and droop, causing premature wrinkles to form.

You can avoid wrinkling by avoiding sunlight and by wearing high SPF sunscreen every day, even while doing errands.

Smoke and Smoking

Tobacco smoke and even secondhand smoke and exposure to smog can cause premature wrinkling. The act of smoking affects the blood supply to the skin and may make it appear sallow and dull. While ideally, you should quit smoking altogether, it can be tough to do so.

It can also be difficult to avoid smoke and smog if you live in the city, so there might be little you can do to protect your skin then.

It is possible, however, to prevent wrinkles by getting early Botox treatments. It can be a good choice for women who wish to minimise wrinkling as they age and offset the effects of smoke exposure.

Unhealthy Diet

A healthy diet is crucial to maintaining the health of your skin. The excessive consumption of alcohol and sweets, as well as a diet that is poor in protein and other nutrients, can affect the appearance of your skin. You need protein to produce new collagen and elastin fibres in your skin, and an unhealthy diet only makes it more difficult for your skin to recover. Eat more vegetables, fruit and lean meat, and be sure to minimise sweets and alcohol intake.

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Premature wrinkles may be a cause for worry, but it is always possible to prevent them if you foster healthy habits and take care of your skin.