Promote Overall Health with Dental Implants

A dentist explaining something to a patient in the dentistry Losing a single or multiple teeth create more than just dental problems. This can also affect your self-confidence, as tooth loss affect changes your smile, as well as the way your face look. Missing teeth can also cause speech and nutrition problems, with the possibility of teeth shifting.

Dental implant centers, such as Smile World Dental, note that preventing tooth loss can be as easy as following good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist. If you, however, have already lost a tooth, there are options to restore your smile. Dental implants are one great choice, as they can replace missing teeth and bring back your self-confidence.

Natural-Looking Replacement

Dental implants are designed to look and function like natural teeth. They reduce the extra pressure on other teeth by providing ample bite support and preventing shifting of other choppers. Implants, further, prevent tooth loss and improve your mouth’s chewing efficiency.

Less Oral Issues

Studies suggest that in more than 1,000 implants placed over a 10-year period, 99% of those are functional and successful. Other benefits include a decreased risk of root canal failure, tooth decay, and gum disease. An improved and a more beautiful is the most notable advantage, restoring patients’ self-confidence.

Prevent Bone Loss

As implants infuse with the gums, they prevent the bone from collapsing. The good news is, implant treatments can also address complete tooth loss, so you no longer have to stick with dentures. Crown and bridge can be added and implants can be placed on the original location of the tooth root.

Implants’ Survival Time

Implants cost more expensive than other replacement options, but they are worth it. They have longer survival time and won’t need adjustments or adhesives, which is common in dentures. They are also more resilient and will not break over easily, making them financially better for the long-term.

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Don’t let missing teeth make you self-conscious and embarrassed to talk or smile. Choose dental implants to address missing teeth and to enjoy flashing your smile more often. They can also improve your oral and overall health, with the benefit of enjoying foods freely.