PRP Injections: The In Thing in San Diego

Patient in intensive care unitMedicine in San Diego could not get any better at this time, especially with the advancement of technology. Do you know that you do not need external factors for your body to produce new cells after injury? Also known as PRP, platelet-rich plasma is the component you need to promote internal healing for any injury.

How? You ask.

Plasma is the component in the human blood responsible for blood clotting. Plasma contains special proteins that encourage cell growth. Medical practitioners draw a considerable amount of blood from your body depending on the area that needs the injection, separate plasma from your blood, use imaging to locate damaged cells, and inject into damaged cells to facilitate cell growth.

Separated plasma contains concentrated tissue growth factors, and researchers indicate that it is these factors that will promote faster healing.

Any Potential Side Effects?

Since PRP involves making an injection into the skin, you are bound to experience side effects. Luckily, PRP is autologous as it contains substances from the human body. Thus, there are lower risks of getting an allergic reaction. The only side effects you may experience may be as a result of the injection, such as slight pain at the point of injection, infection, tissue damage, and nerve injuries.

What Time Do You Take to Recover?

After receiving a PRP injection, your doctor may recommend you take a short rest. More often than not, the need to rest is not from the injection but the aftermath of the injection. You, however, can still resume daily activities comfortably after getting a PRP injection without much strain.

PRP injections in San Diego are not an immediate healing solution to injuries, but you will notice faster healing than what you usually experience without a PRP injection. The gist of the matter here is that PRP promotes healing, and it comes at an affordable cost as your body is the source of your medicine.