Quick Tips for Millennials Vacationing in Sentosa

Millennials taking a selfie and ready for their spa in SentosaFor many millennials, a quick getaway now and then is very much part of their lifestyle – if not essential. It is a way for them to avoid burning out from work and still have the motivation to keep going.

When it comes to popular spots to unwind and have fun, perhaps one of the most popular ones is the Sentosa Island in Singapore. While it is considerably smaller compared to other countries, there are many interesting places to visit in Singapore, particularly Sentosa Island.

If you are one of the tired millennials who just want to have a quick break, here are some pointers you need to keep in mind to enjoy your vacation fully in Singapore’s amazing island.

Get a tourist SIM card

As soon as you land in Singapore, make sure to get a tourist SIM card for all your mobile data needs. The Internet speed in Singapore is among the world’s fastest, so you can rest assured you can upload your travel photos on Instagram and Facebook in an instant.

Treat yourself to a spa

After a whole day of exploring, pamper yourself with a relaxing spa. Good thing there are several spa resorts in Sentosa where you can relax and have a rejuvenating massage experience anytime you want.

If you are staying at a hotel in Sentosa, it is likely that it is offering in-room spa treatment so make sure to ask beforehand.

Lounge at the beach

If you would rather de-stress and lounge under the sun, drop by at the beaches in Sentosa. Try beach activities such as skim boarding and cycling, or stuff yourself with delicious food from the range of themed bars and restaurants in the vicinity.

Sentosa in Singapore is a haven for millennials looking for a quick break from work. It is best to be prepared and know the little ways to make your stay there much more enjoyable.