Retaining a Fully Functional Smile

Retaining SmileDental implants are not the first thing people think of as a solution to replacing missing teeth. Many believe that temporary teeth replacements are enough to retain a fully functioning smile. These may give you a semblance of your original smile, but they will not stop what is happening within your jawbone.

Bone Loss in the Jaw notes that the minute you lose your teeth, the body starts reabsorbing the bone in your jaw. This is a natural process called resorption, which happens almost instantaneously, although the progression of tooth loss is relatively slow.

Once the basal bone of your jaw begins to resorb or melt into your body, the lower part of your face partially collapses. The loss of bone causes your face to sag and eventually reshape your facial structure. This is especially prominent when you lose more than one tooth, as the loss actually accelerates the rate of resorption.

A Permanent Solution

Dental implants do not exactly prevent bone loss due to resorption from happening, but they do slow down the process. The implants are placed deep within the jawbone, effectively ‘tricking’ the body into thinking that it still has teeth.

Implants are the superior option when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Not only do they allow your mouth to function as it normally would have before you lost your teeth, but the replacements are also stronger and can take more punishment than the original.

Since they are placed right into your jawbone, they won’t move, click or shift in place. Because they technically act like your natural teeth, you can bite and eat your favourite food items without having to worry about them sticking or falling out of your mouth.

A Natural Look

Dental implants look more natural than temporary replacement teeth which can easily stand out due to how ‘artificial’ they look. Many people can tell the difference between a natural tooth and a replacement. That is why most people who get dental implants ‘customise’ them, so the sheen and whiteness are similar to their natural teeth.

Dental implants are the ideal solution if you are looking for a more permanent replacement for missing teeth. Apart from slowing down the natural process of tooth resorption, they also allow you to bite, chew and smile as if you still have your natural teeth.