Revealing the Secret Identity of Super Food

Natural HealthThe past few years are notable for many events and developments, both in science and society. But, one of the clearest steps forward is the resurgence of the health movement, as more people are embracing the healthy lifestyle. This is a good thing, but it bears noting that great passion can lead to misinformation.

Case in point, the ongoing issue with superfood; most everyone within the health circle are familiar with what superfood is, as well as what they do for the body. For anyone unfamiliar, these are ingredients that have large amounts of nutrients, making them efficient alternatives for the health conscious. But are people getting the full deal when they consume superfood?

Unmasking Superfood

Scientists warn people from buying too much into the superfood hype, since marketers have done well in selling these items as miracle products. Researchers are very cautious in labelling anything as a superfood in their studies, and even when they do, it’s only to make the paper more understandable. The biggest concern experts have with the superfood is that consumers might confuse what they get from the field, with what they get at the supermarket.

The reason for this is that the food itself might contain plenty of nutrients, but the processing might not leave much for people to consume. For example, green tea is famous for its antioxidants, but most of the products that contain green tea also contain ample amounts of sugar. Many whole grain products are in the same boat. Processing leaves many products less palatable, and can cause spikes in blood sugar.

The True Source of Power

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this super pitfall, and that’s information. Nutrition courses in South Africa, says are making great progress in giving people the food knowledge they need. In fact, one of their short courses includes a lesson on living food and super food. Knowing more about the facts behind the hype will ensure that everyone avoids getting the short end of the deal.

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The research into super food so far is incomplete, since the potential of many super food candidates remains untapped. Consumers need to stay on the forefront of scientific study in order to ensure that they do their bodies a favour, and keep themselves healthy.