Sedation Dental Treatment: The Perfect Solution for Dental Phobic Patients

Sedation Dental Treatment for Patients with Dental PhobiaMake no mistake; dental phobia can be crippling. More people than you might imagine are so scared of visiting the dentist that they just don’t go. This in turn can become a vicious circle as many are eventually driven through the doors of a dental surgery by unbearable pain, which in turn heightens their anxious state, and makes treatment more frightening.

In the 21st Century, dental phobia no longer needs to be a barrier to treatment. Sedation dental treatment is increasingly common, and involves the use of a variety of sedative drugs to bring about a sensation of deep relaxation and peace. Adams Dental in North London has used sedation dental treatment to successfully help scores of nervous and phobic patients back to full oral health.

There are numerous causes of fear and phobia of the dentist. Everything from a bad experience during childhood to a specific trigger, such as the sound of the dentist’s drill or the sight of a needle, can cause anxiety. Symptoms can be extremely unpleasant, ranging from excessive sweating or shaking to full-blown panic attacks.

Sedation dentistry is also known as conscious sedation, and has proved helpful to numerous nervous dental patients. This isn’t the same as the general anaesthetic you may have received in hospital if you have had an operation; with conscious sedation you will be awake, thus able to cooperate with any instructions your dentist gives you, but you will be blissfully unaware of treatment, instead feeling very peaceful and relaxed.

Most important of all to most nervous patients is the issue of pain; with sedation dental treatment you will be pain-free, and you will be monitored by a trained seditionist at all times. Your safety and comfort is just as important to your dentist and their team as it is to you.

When you opt for dental sedation, your dentist will provide you with full pre- and post-procedure instructions. Depending on the type of sedation used, you may have to bring a friend or family member along to your appointment so that they can drive you home and take care of you until the next day.

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Many people take additional comfort from having a trusted friend accompany them.