Should You Get Dentures?

Dentistry instruments for tooth removal at the dentistWhenever you lose teeth, it is important to replace them immediately. Traditional dentures are a common choice, as they have low upfront cost and are made faster. This only means that you can quickly fill in the gaps and smile more confidently.

However, many dental implant centers in Indianapolis say that despite the benefits of dentures, there are still those who prefer other teeth replacement options. Here is why some people don’t choose traditional dentures:

They don’t last long.

Dentures may be cheaper initially, but they are not the best choice for the long term. This is because they need constant adjustments and may require a replacement after some years. In comparison, dental implants have more durability and stability, as they can last a lifetime if you observe proper dental care and hygiene.

Wearers usually experience bone loss.

Dentures only deal with the cosmetic issue of missing teeth. Bone loss will still happen, which can result in premature aging. This will not be a problem with dental implants, as they have an artificial tooth root that infuses with the bone. They preserve healthy bone and help retain the natural shape of your face and smile.

They need to be removed when cleaning.

As dentures are not like natural teeth, you need to remove them for cleaning. They also need to be soaked overnight, as sleeping with dentures is not advisable. You may also need to use a special toothbrush for cleaning dentures, as well as a denture cleansing solution, as toothpaste can be abrasive and may damage the denture.

They may slip or click.

Unlike dental implants, dentures are not fixed on the mouth. This means that they can click or slip when talking, eating, laughing, or kissing. This can result in embarrassing social moments. While denture adhesives are available, they can be difficult to remove and may cause irritation.

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If you want a replacement option that looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth, dental implants are for you. They are a stable and a long-term solution that can improve your oral health.