Skin Care With Probiotics is Here!

Beautiful LadyThe skin is a live environment inhabited by a diverse number of microorganisms. Considering the effects of any imbalance in the system, experts studied the use of probiotics in skin care and new approaches to skin care and beauty are here.

The following are just some of them.

Striking a Balance

There are more than 10,000 microbial species that call our skin home. These different microorganisms have their own preferred micro-environment that are spread throughout the body. There are some that thrive on dry skin, while others live in warm and damp areas.

As an ecosystem, the skin provides diversity that is self-limiting. This explains why there is underarm odor, and why eczema and other skin conditions exist. It also explains why acne attacks occur. The skin is an interesting place to visit with different environments.

These microbial environments also help define the skin condition or even the odor of the body part where you can find them.

Not Just Probiotics

Experts have yet to map these complex environmental interactions, and the research is still ongoing. However, suffice to say that the old belief that infections cause acne is outdated, and that to some extent microbial entities are partly to blame.

The skin’s population of microorganisms has been estimated to be more than 100 trillion. These include live bacteria cultures called probiotics, as well as non-digestible carbohydrates called prebiotics. Another type of microorganism are the bacterial cell lysates that contain dead bacteria and bacterial parts.

The use of these microorganisms is a novel approach. Beauty products with probiotics, prebiotics, and bacterial cell lysates help to create a balance on the skin. These either limit the production of bad bacteria which cause body odor or can cause acne breakouts.

These active and live ingredients also cause the production of natural acids like acetic acid and lactic acid which have antibacterial effects. Lactic acids also act as moisturizing agents and antimicrobial properties.

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Probiotics in food supplements, as well as in skin care products, help in maintaining a balance between good and bad skin microbial organisms.