Starting Your Own Collection

Collection of PostcardsHaving a collection, especially when displayed at home or in the office, can be nice to look at. It’s impressive how some people do it, with the amount of effort and money they pour into the hard work of collecting.

Of course, if you find collectibles attractive and interesting, you can always give it a try yourself. Here are some ideas to get you started on your collection:


Collecting this one can tricky and expensive, because you need to really travel around the world to get plenty of it. It will even work better if you ask friends who frequently travel to send you some. That way, your collection will really feel personal. If you’re a jetsetter, this is the perfect item for you to collect — maybe along with stamps? Postal companies are really competitive nowadays, as seen in their designs. You might as well get mats of them.


Now here’s a collection that will be a bit heavy on your pocket: buy cars. This will really be impressive if you manage to get a lot of toys for the big boys. Usually, people who collect cars target the vintage ones. But really, it doesn’t matter what you store up in your garage. Simply pick what you’re interested in. It can be just one car brand or even customised ones.

Stones and Shells

Are you a nature lover? Keeping stones and shells may just be the right kind of things you should be collecting. Just like postcards, you have to go to places just to get these collectibles. You want to keep the ones that look unique though. This is a good idea to preserve memories as well, as a specific stone or shell can remind you of the beach you went to or the mountain you hiked.

The sky is the limit in collecting. Simply decide on what interests you the most and scour every nook and cranny for it! The only thing you should take note in collecting is your purpose of doing it. Most importantly, you should enjoy the process.