Straighter, Healthier Teeth

Woman smilingWhen teeth aren’t properly aligned, they can cause many different problems. Having a wonky smile can contribute to social awkwardness. When there are spaces in the mouth that are difficult for the toothbrush to reach, bacteria can build up to harmful levels, causing bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. In Weybridge Orthodontics is the type of dental treatment that aims to solve these problems. Dental practices like Weybridge Orthodontics give patients modern realignment treatments that greatly enhance the appearance and function of their teeth.

Move to improve

There are several ways to improve the position of the teeth using orthodontics in Weybridge. Braces and aligners apply pressure to the teeth over several months, moving them into better positions. Often, these dental appliances are associated with children and adolescents, but these days they’re popular with adults, too. Contemporary treatments are highly customised to provide efficiency and comfort for the patient. Discreet materials, often transparent or tooth-coloured, ensure the appliances have a low visibility while treatment is ongoing.

Realignment treatments like Incognito and Invisalign are often used by adults whose jobs bring them face-to-face with many different people throughout the working day.

Various needs

People choose to have orthodontics for a variety of reasons. Maybe their front teeth stick out too much, or their bite is misaligned. Perhaps their smile is crooked. The complexity of a person’s realignment needs will determine the duration of their treatment. Some cases could take six months, others might need two years or longer in Weybridge. Orthodontics takes time to achieve its effects, but after the treatment is over, the patient will enjoy the improvements for many years. Retainers, worn after the braces or aligners are removed, ensure the teeth keep to their new positions.

Options for orthodontics in Weybridge

An in-depth consultation at the dental practice will help the patient decide which option is the right one for their teeth. In many cases, the patient can see a simulated image of how the proposed treatment will improve their teeth. With a wide range of contemporary options, the patient now has several ways to bring a lasting improvement to their dental aesthetics and oral health.