Swimming Your Way to Fitness: Workout Ideas to Inspire You

SwimmingSwimming is a fun and extremely effective way to lose unwanted fat and tone your barely-there muscles. It’s a low-impact, whole body workout that won’t stress your joints and bones, but will efficiently strengthen your core and improve your cardiovascular performance, endurance, and posture. Here are some ideas to lose those pounds in the pool.

Swimming Laps

When swimming laps, you can always go with your favorite stroke, but regardless of what you choose to do, they will all work to tone muscle and lose fat. But, according to expert swimming lesson instructors from TheLabsUSA.com, the best way to go about swimming laps is to swim shorter laps, with ample intervals of rest, along with different intensities, drills, and strokes.

Walking On Water

This water aerobics workout should be done in the swimming pool’s shallow end. Simply walk to and from one side of the pool to another but make sure to lift your knees into your chest as much as possible and clench your core every time you raise a knee.

Treading Water

Treading water should be done in the deep part of the pool as fast as you can and without resting. Do this for an entire minute and remember to clench your abs for better muscle toning. Rest for a minute afterwards and repeat the whole thing five more times. Once you’ve adjusted to the workout, you can increase your reps.

Leg Lifting

Position yourself at the pool’s deep end and hang on the side to support yourself while lifting your legs. Just like water walking, you must clench your core, but also clench your glutes. Keep your legs as straight as possible while lifting on either side or behind you.

Kicking Board

This is done by hugging a kickboard while swimming on your back to tone your core — think backstroke but with a kickboard. Make sure that your body’s as close to the water surface as much as possible and clench your abs.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics don’t actually involve swimming, but practicing aerobic exercises such as jogging and jumping jacks in the water. You may also be required to use some equipment to make the exercises more effective.