Teenagers’ Best Options for Dental Braces


When you ask an orthodontist why teens need braces, expect the response to be a long list of viable reasons. Fortunately, teenagers have a long list of options as well. Modern alternatives to the dreaded metal braces offer better aesthetics with equally effective results, explains one orthodontist. Salt Lake City, Utah’s many dentists explain why younger patients are now open to retainers.

Braces solve dental health issues

The benefits of wearing braces at a younger age have already been studied and proven worth the investment in time, money, and effort. Dental braces provide a cost-effective solution for those with crowding teeth, or have gaps between their teeth. Bite problems that can affect a teenager’s confidence may also be managed conservatively with braces. Braces make it possible for those with crooked teeth a chance to align them properly.

Ceramic alternatives

Some of the most popular alternatives to metal braces are made from ceramics. Teenage patients who recommend this particular device report feeling confident and positive while they are undergoing treatment. Instead of metal braces, brackets are clear and transparent. This quality has made this option a more popular choice for younger patients. Teenagers feel motivated to carry on with their good oral hygiene practices.

The virtually invisible alternative

Teenagers also prefer to go for the ultimate clear retainers—virtually invisible aligners. The method is popular now more than ever because it has produced amazing results with less pain and discomfort, especially for mild alignment problems. Unlike traditional braces, they can be removed when eating or cleaning. Teenagers need not fret much about dietary choices and cleaning schedules.

For many, clear aligners are a viable alternative to traditional braces. They lessen discomfort and are easier to use than other braces. For teens and younger patients, ceramic braces and Invisalign aligners are their prime choices in obtaining a better smile.