The Dangers of Bath Salts Addiction

AddictionBath salts are not just for bathing, they can lead to addiction and substance abuse.

Baths salts are typically white or brownish crystalline powder sold in tiny foil or plastic packages and labeled “Not Fit for Human Consumption”. You can swallow, inhale, snort, or inject this substance; with injection and snorting being the most dangerous delivery methods.

Phone screen or jewelry cleaner and plant food are some of the other uses of bath salts; some stores legally sell this online or in-store. However, unscrupulous drug manufacturers use these seemingly harmless descriptions or labels to avoid detection by the police or the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

The Dangerous Effects of Bath Salts

Numerous reports of serious intoxication and related negative health effects when using bath salts have made them a rising and very serious safety and health problem. Bath salts contain synthetic cathinones that generate euphoria and increased libido and sociability.

Some people even experience hallucinations, delirium, extreme aggression, agitation and paranoia, as well as extremely violent and psychotic behavior — some reports state that thousands die because of bath salts addiction.

People who experience excited delirium from bath salts use can also exhibit dehydration, muscle tissue breakdown, and even kidney failure. Likewise, intoxication from synthetic cathinones included in different in this substance, such as MDPV, methedrone, mephedrone, and butylone has led to numerous deaths.

Bath salts users also report that the hallucinations they experience are very much like the hallucinations you experience with other mind-altering drugs like LSD or MDMA.

In addition, another danger posed by bath salts is that they may also contain other, unknown ingredients that lead to more health issues. There’s no way to determine what these substances contain, much less its dosage, unless you have it tested in a laboratory. One study also found that bath salts might be more addicting than meth.

Recovering from Bath Salts Addiction

Renaissance Ranch cites that the best approach to fighting addiction is through a strong support system and program.

Bath salts are extremely toxic to the body and can lead to severe physical and mental damage. Prior to entering a complete drug rehabilitation program, it is advisable that users should remove the drug from their system through detox programs in inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment facilities.

Bath salts may seem innocuous, but they are actually a highly-addictive substance. Seek the help of rehabilitation centers to know the appropriate approach to recovery.