The Golden Age: Optimism Links to Better Health

Laughing seniors at a tableAn article from the Journal of the American Medical Association recently revealed that the elderly who embraced getting older have a higher chance of recovering from a serious medical issue. Assisted living communities like Legacy House of Centennial Hills use this finding to help improve the general health of their residents.

The Optimistic Study

The authors from figured out that older people who have positive age stereotypes can more easily recuperate from a disability compared to those who think negatively about age stereotypes.

The researchers ranked the quality of life of the four participants based on four important daily activities: walking, transferring, dressing, and showering associated with the usage of health care services and longevity.

Based on the researchers, an optimistic view towards senior life encourages recovery from an illness. This way of thinking also improves physical balance, enhances engagement in healthy behaviors, increases self-efficacy, and limits the cardiovascular response to stress

According to Experts

Becca R. Levy, Ph.D. and her colleagues say there are limited studies on why some older persons recuperate from an illness, while others do not. They believe that the age stereotype is the new culture-based explanatory factor. Their team discovered that the positive age stereotype group had a notably slower decline on the four essential daily activities.

However, their findings only revealed the connection between the body and the attitude towards life. They noted that more research was needed to confirm whether or not encouraging positive age stereotypes could prolong independent living later in life.

A 2004 study, which discussed disability and depression in old age, backed up their research. The article published in Geriatric Psychiatry says the high amount of disability in the elderly and their high rates of depression have a huge impact on their quality of life.

Researchers are still looking to gather more data about the correlation of positive age stereotypes and senior health to come up with answers. However, one thing is for certain: seeing life in an optimistic light does not only lead to a happy lifestyle, it also brings people to a healthier future.