The Hallmarks of Male Pattern Baldness

Hair LossAll men will start losing their hair on a progressive basis as they age; for some, this is unnoticeable, while others have to deal with bald spots or complete loss on certain parts of their scalp. This occurs because of changing hormone levels as a man passes a certain age. Some of the factors that increase the possibility of baldness include genetics and androgens, and in some cases, a serious illness and its treatment.

According to a Manchester hair clinic, loss occurs progressively in a distinct and reproducible manner. Three main areas of your scalp are likely to lose hair, and the relative loss in these parts creates a variation in progression.

The Temple

Hair loss that occurs in this part of the scalp begins at the anterior hairline and progresses backwards. This happens in varying degrees in all boys as they start their transition to manhood from adolescence. Less than 5 percent of adults keep the straightness of their anterior hairline like when they were young. The loss that a person experiences is mild compared to other parts of the head. Some may develop a form of bitemporal recession that may precede loss elsewhere in the next couple of years.

Crown Hair Loss

Meanwhile, hair loss in this area begins around the whorl and progresses outwards in all directions to create a circular pattern on the head. This starts as a small circle then becomes bigger as the years go by, Fue Clinics remarks.

Thinning of the Mid-Frontal

The diffuse thinning that occurs at the top of your head becomes noticeable as the centre part-line widens. This is a balding pattern that is more common in Asians and is also the hallmark of hair loss in women, affecting more than 75 percent as they age.

One aspect of hair loss is that it progresses from one follicle to another without skipping areas. One of the effects is that the recession creates an expanding loss zone without sparing hair along the way. That is why it is ideal to consult with a specialist to get proper treatment immediately.