The Health Risks of Obesity, and What You Can Do

ObesityBeing overweight and obese doesn’t just mean being the butt of jokes, sometimes. It also increases your risk for diseases that can either have you on maintenance medication forever or face your mortality sooner. There are many health conditions linked to obesity so it’s best to start living a healthier lifestyle to avoid them.

Heart Disease

The most common risk for obese or overweight people is coronary heart disease. Too much saturated fat and cholesterol form of plaque that block the arteries, which supply the heart with blood oxygen. Narrowed arteries reduces blood flow to the heart muscle. A heart attack, or worse, heart failure, is usually the result.

Atherosclerosis or the hardening of arteries is another heart condition to beware of by obese or overweight people. It is said that the obese are 10 times more at risk of suffering from atherosclerosis than those who manage their weight.


The more fat stored in the body, the higher the requirement of cells for oxygen and nutrients. Blood vessels will then need to circulate more blood to the fat tissue, which taxes the heart. The more blood is circulating, the more pressure suffered by artery walls, which results to higher blood pressure.

According to the Eating Disorder Center of Denver, bigger body mass increases the heart rate, while reducing the body’s ability to transport blood to the vessels.


Overweight people are more prone to diabetes. In fact, obesity is a major cause of Type 2 diabetes. In obese people, insulin production becomes abnormal that results in elevated blood sugar levels. Insulin is necessary to control blood sugar level but diabetics are unable to produce enough of it. The worst part is that diabetes leads to other health conditions like kidney failure and blindness as well as coronary heart disease.

Dealing with Obesity

To overcome obesity, one must be disciplined enough to eat healthily, and that means eating the right food on right amounts and times. By this, eating disorders treatment may be necessary.

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Engaging in physically demanding activities and daily exercise are also necessary along with proper diet.

The lifestyle and processed foods today contribute to people being overweight or obese. It’s not just about becoming fat but being in danger of suffering from diseases that are often incurable. Overcome obesity with the right mindset.