The Missing Part

Dental implantA smile is like a puzzle — to be complete it needs all of its pieces. When a piece has gone missing, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction. It’s as though a small gap has ruined the whole picture, leaving little desire for that smile to be showcased. But instead of going on an endless search for the missing piece, dental implants in Birmingham can give that person the missing piece they were looking for by simply replacing it.

In Birmingham, dental implants are offered at practices such as the Sutton Implant Clinic. They give patients the opportunity to get back confidence in their smiles, while also working to maintain their oral health. By replacing their teeth, a person is investing in a long-term happy and healthy smile. This is because when a tooth is lost, it can cause the jawbone and surrounding tissues to disappear. Over time, this can result in further complications such as further tooth loss and a disintegrating facial structure.

Taking on treatment

In Birmingham, dental implants are sturdy replacements for the tooth lost. It might be that a person who has experienced tooth loss is finding it difficult to bite and chew foods, especially tougher dishes. By receiving a dental implant, they would be improving their quality of life by having the freedom to eat what they like.

Dental implants can cover the loss of a single tooth, several or all of a person’s teeth. Whatever an individual requires, the process of an implant is similar each time. It starts with a small titanium screw being fitted into the jawbone, which acts as an artificial root. Once integrated, the implants can anchor crowns, bridges or dentures.

The part that will differ is the treatment of individual person, as procedures are designed to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. Before the treatment takes place, the patient will visit the dentist for a chance to ask any questions or voice any concerns they may have. That way, the dentist can give them peace of mind by providing all of the information, ensuring that the patient is happy to go ahead with treatment.