The More Senses Involved, the More Learning

Learning ProcessJust as a toddler expands his small world by navigating it through his senses, a formal learning process would do well to get the same rudimentary senses involved. As a matter of fact, had society been able to incorporate more of these senses in current learning methods, students would have learned more – and faster. Incorporated in a systematic delivery of content and learning blooms.

Maximising Perception

Seeing is our primary tool for learning. And no one can question the supremacy of the eyes. Were a child not to use his eyes, he would have a more difficult time learning to navigate the world—or just the nursery, for a start.

But learning via the eyes could be limiting. Recent advances in neuroscience and psychology research revealed the importance of our senses in learning by putting numbers to it. In their study, Dr. L.D. Rosenblum et al, disclosed that although our sense of sight reigns supreme, each of the senses is central in processing information.

Other theories may contend these numbers as giving too much emphasis on sight. Nonetheless, it shows that using multiple senses brings to life a concept faster than using but one sense. Employing multi-sensory learning, therefore, is advantageous especially in teaching a child, HowToLearn details.

Putting a System In

Further, a learning management system (LMS) is handy, explains Such powerful software would make cutting-edge multi-sensory approaches to learning largely possible.

Through an LMS, learning becomes centralised as all the training, performance and needed content is available from one source. And as multiple users/learners can access the system at the same time, a systematic approach in learning takes effect.

This allows a more accurate review of the progress of the students as a whole or a student in particular – making possible a tailored approach to enhance performance. And when the need arises, upgrading such a centralised system is a breeze.

There’s no need to limit learning to just one sense; multisensory approaches work best – especially with LMS around.